We, along with family physicians, pharmacies, physical therapists and other medics, are using a tool called “Positive Health.” With this, we are committed to connecting the network of healthcare professionals with residents, increasing residents’ resilience and increasing community strength for those who need help.

Colorful Living assumes the individual resident. In the first brightly colored ring are the elements for self-care of this resident. The square area focuses on social contact on the left and the help you can offer on the right.

Social contact through activities neighborhood

coffee soos
eating together
neighborhood club lifestyle
dancing for the sick
financial café
peers contact
(bike) buddy

Street (neighbors)

Family and friends
visit each other
fun activities

Social assistance through resident engagement

voluntary care
inclusion and diversity
care guidance

heart to heart
sweet & sorrow

Neighbor help
cooking food
watching the cat
emptying mailbox
taking away trash
getting groceries
watering flowers

informal care
Resilience of each resident

Resilience of each resident

First of all, it’s about good SELF-CARE of all residents. At the neighborhood level, this is mainly on lifestyle, coping with chronic illness or aspects such as meaning and participation.

  • Lifestyle includes a healthy diet, exercise, relaxation and sleep
  • Being chronically ill is about peer contact, meaningful living and experiential expertise
  • To participate is to be valued and seen in the neighborhood. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved!
  • Meaningfulness is wanting to get out of bed for something; in other words: What energizes you? For example, you can make an effort as a neighborhood volunteer.

Community strength of the neighborhood

As a district, we live with and care for each other. In doing so, we are SOCIAL ACTIVE toward each other. As residents in the neighborhood, we are committed to:

  • Informal care (someone from the household)
  • Informal care (voluntary care or neighborly help)
  • Lifestyle (healthier living)
  • Volunteer
  • District Activities