Emotions are NOT like the weather, they don’t just happen to us. We influence how we feel, much more than we realize. Our way of thinking, the meaning we give to situations and also the activities we choose determine our emotions enormously.


The emotion pleasure[1] works preventively and encourages people to think in an open, tolerant and constructive way. Pleasure provides an opportunity for growth, broadening our thoughts and behavioral repertoire. This effect makes us mentally outward-looking, flexible and creative. This helps us build our intellectual, social and physical capacities. Those who frequently experience pleasurable feelings thus become wiser, more resilient, more social and healthier.

To stay healthy, a daily dose of fun is as important as exercise and fruits and vegetables.

You consciously do things daily that are enjoyable. An example: you enjoy hosting a dinner party. That organizing, buying food and cooking is quite a lot of work. But once the guests arrive, it’s enjoyable. People who “prioritize fun” have the discipline to do the work beforehand so they can enjoy a fun time later. As a result, these people experience more fun in their daily lives, plus all the good effects of it.

[1] Pleasure, like love, pride, hope and gratitude, is a positive emotion with the same effect as described. Negative emotions such as fear, anger and disgust narrow our attention so that we can focus properly on what threatens us. If our house is on fire, we don’t think for long but flee.


The emotion of happiness, or being happy, can be learned (in part). This is good news, however, how do you do it? There are 6 pillars that can help us do that. What works for you can only be determined by yourself. Practice it daily and never stop doing it. Play with it and be creative.

  1. Positive and optimistic thinking (stop complaining)
  2. Living from a meaningful mission and pursuing it successfully
  3. Conscious living and enjoyment
  4. Interacting and connected with others
  5. Healthy lifestyle (using Positive Health)
  6. Sharing happiness with others