Colorful living started in the summer of 2021 as a residents’ initiative in the Bovenkerk neighborhood of the Municipality of Amstelveen. Kleurrijk Leven wants to contribute to a healthier life by connecting people socially. It is a concept that is person- and neighborhood-centered in collaboration with the Positive Health project of the Wijksamenwerkingsverband (WSV) Keizer Boven West.

Have fun and practice being happy

From the perspective of positive psychology, having fun together every day is important. During having fun you “play” with others, connection, renewal and humor emerge. Another important emotion is happiness. Being happy can partly be learned and we want to encourage you to do this. Fun and happiness make you resilient as a person and as a community.

For whom.

Colorful Living was developed in a community center because that’s where residents come together and connect with each other in an approachable way. Residents from surrounding neighborhoods also often come in and are welcome.

We are there for each other

We all go through situations that throw you off balance as a person. Then it is nice when volunteers are available for help. Think about the Colorful Living Café, the Financial Café, Bike buddy, neighbor help, Love and Sorrow street or dancing for residents with disabilities in exercise. These activities try to bring you back into balance by connecting with others.

Self-help in Amstelveen

Want to get started yourself and find out who you can get the best help from? Discover the right caregiver near you at “Meet Elza” or find the right organization/activity via the “social map”. You can also use the “Positive Health” model to find an aspect you want to change.